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Devco fosters a culture of environmental sustainability including the minimisation or, where possible, the elimination of impacts on the surrounding social and biological environment. Devco has a commitment to effective environmental management on site, demonstrated over a range of projects.

Devco has implemented and maintains an Environmental Management System which is accrediated to ISO 14001:2004. A site specific Environmental Management Plan is developed for each project to minimise adverse environmental impacts during the construction process. The EMP will also provide information to relevant regulatory authorities regarding the environmental management practices that will be implemented throughout the construction process.

Devco is the first building contractor to deliver a 5 Star GreenStar certified “as built” education building using the Education Pilot resulting in the project being awarded both State and National Sustainability Awards. The project was the Williamstown High School, Bayview Campus which received the Premiers Sustainability Award in 2007 and the National Interior Design Sustainable Design Award in 2008. (Architects: Spowers).

Devco fosters a culture of environmental sustainability.